Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gatsby or not

An over simplistic view point maybe but it's either the Great Gatsby or the Grapes of Wrath, you have to settle somewhere in there or in between - that may even end up being the very same place at the end of the final chapter. As ever I remain confused and also overjoyed at both my lack of familiar  space and my surplus of home space - so I'm nowhere, a fairly familiar location if you can be honest enough to accept it. Seeing slices of life is good, experiencing slices of life is a lot better, sharing it is the best; sadly some folks struggle with this floating spectrum of behaviour and opportunity. As you can perhaps tell I spent a lot of time on a long train this weekend and had too much time to think but not enough time to make sense of any of it. Something in those wrapped and dusted Virgin Train sandwiches and the still, clear water?

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