Sunday, July 05, 2015

Enjoy the spectacle of doom

Just in from the garden, rain stopped play as usual but I did save a struggling little tree from choking. Sitting sipping a cool milk bomb and eating a sugary cake whilst watching the British Grand Prix (complete with the national anthem sung karaoke style by some American X-Factor judge) on the BBC, it's hard not to reflect on the utter pointlessness of pseudo life and the numerous dumb diversions that pass for entertainment. While we fiddle and watch and I search on-line for Mini run-flat tyres at a good price; Greece burns, ISIS executes, migrants scramble to get away and get somewhere and foodbank volunteers collect basic items from dull eyed shoppers at the Tesco checkouts. Maybe we need to go beyond just prophesying doom as we in our own foolhardy way waste effort trying to avoid it...just let go, savour the impending catastrophe and set the controls for the heart of the sun. I'm saying this of course because I've just read this article. You could too and then join me in feeling jaded, worn out, slightly amused and strangely optimistic.

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