Monday, July 13, 2015

The return of TV

After a brief summer break I've returned to the solace and comatozing power of the sci-fi TV series. Humans fits the bill nicely and so it's a slow process to catch up on the action episode by episode. The debris from a three day old Chinese carry out helps dull the pain and life continues to get better. 

Catch phrase of the day #whatsthepointoflabour a sad but true reflection on how grim things are. Harriet Harman and all the rest of these useless so called opposition MPs should hang their heads in shame. This is probably not the first time I've said this type of thing, sadly it comes around all too often. Sometimes I wonder if they are in fact human, the other lot certainly aren't. Then again what am I? Bring on the clever and good looking replicants.

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