Saturday, December 10, 2016

Excuse to pause

It may come from some jacked up chrome machine but the milky coffee taste is quite serene. A Stephen's coffee purchased from their global HQ (along with a tantalising raffle ticket opportunity). I'm spaced out and watching the waves and reading wooden bench dedications, almost a moving experience. That's coffee for you, today's most over-rated and over exposed beverage. Millions suffer under the illusion that they somehow need it to "get through their day" as if they were coal miners, fishermen or chimney sweeps needing to be warmed and revitalised during their back breaking, dangerous and  sweaty toil. No, it's just a cup of coffee, an indulgent luxury and an excuse to pause but not a necessity. We live in a post-industrial and flea brained society that (assuming they might even be aware of them) remains firmly confused by the many classical sets of human values and conditions that have gone before.

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