Monday, December 19, 2016

The universe

When I took there pictures they were in colour as was  the rest of the world. Slowly they turned to near black and white and so I cannot be sure of what it was I saw as the evidence has become warped and distorted due to the amount of travel the light had to undertake in order to get to some unknown destination.
The universe remains out there. The universe is inside you. The universe is all around, floating monochrome M&Ms and neutral Maltesers, chocolate drops, polka dots and wooden pegs, dark matter  and spacial mistakes. They say that's all it takes to worm your way out of a worm hole and become whole. We are all lost in this peg board universe, scrambling for peace and Christmas meaning will placing ourselves in sets and sub-sets. Dreaming. Meanwhile the others are scheming. Seeking to establish tiny British Values, dancing on the tip of a pinhead when we really have few if any clues as to who or where we even are.

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