Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Politics 2016

How the Tories fix things (and what we put up with as being normal in the UK today).

You might say it's a coward's way out but...politics, I can't stand them anymore. I need a break. In an ideal world they'd run quietly in the background, like central heating or air-con. Steady and reliable, maintaining a reasonable living environment, not too intrusive, not too peculiar. Safely ticking over and encouraging prosperity and looking after health and social needs and mankind responsibly. That's not the way it is (and never was), so despite on one level wanting to ignore Fife or Edinburgh Councils, UKIP, the US Trumpy Republicans, the Alt-Right and any Alt-Left that might occur and the horror show that is Westminster, we're stuck in a truly desperate and repetitive loop of bad behaviour, unplanned events and bullshit. Actually it's not a loop, it's a downward spiral...

Almost overnight a whole raft of politicians turned into grotesque torch bearers who would fit easily into any David Lynch movie and began grinning and making up unscripted lines for themselves. As if something had been added to the water and suddenly, like lost action figures they came to life via Twitter and invaded all available newscasts and screens with puerile and loaded comments and saying nothing remotely sensible. Fuckwits and toadies in the media added their own perverse oxygen and now everything is close to being on fire. So were told that we've only got what we deserve and what we voted for...I can't buy that. Humph! Last rant of 2016 all being well.

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