Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday before the next Monday

Monday: Everything is slow today, the weather, web, queue in the Post Office, thinking processes,  toasters, kettles, tuning up, laundry, life in general. Perhaps my own expectations are set too fast, perhaps it's a Monday thing where you just can't get things out of the way quick enough because those things just don't really want to move. 

Amazon: The truth about Amazon, yes it is a shit place to work but so is pretty much everywhere else. Work gets in the way of all the other things you really want to do and never pays enough, doesn't matter where you are. I've yet to meet a happy worker. So work sucks but it's the education system and staying trapped with an unplanned set of your  fellow human beings in close proximity (in that potent working environment) that really screws you up. 

Monday: Soon be over then it's some other day.

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