Friday, December 09, 2016

Good News

At last, that pesky cold of mine is definitely on the retreat, feeling altogether better and quite ready to face the prospect of Christmas. A thing that seems to be almost unavoidable. Anyway the cold did a allow a strange, short period of self indulgence mainly consisting of binge watching clips from "the best of Curb Your Enthusiasm" (Seasons 1 -8) on YouTube. I'm not sure what the long term effect of this will be though I'm unlikely to consider Judaism as my next religion. Larry David is a peculiar role model, I just worry that usually I can kind of see his point. In my life there have been odd, inconsistent outbursts similar to his but thankfully not on a daily basis and many largely you get older things do change though. I'm remaining guarded (arms firmly folded) about the whole thing.

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