Friday, December 30, 2016

Millennial Blues

Reflections shared on the second last day of the year 2016: I've just watched a video via Facebook that was (almost randomly) shared because somebody I don't know well decided they liked it. It may have been click bait but I watched it anyway. It lasted about 15 minutes and it went on about the problems that millennials (born around '84 and onwards) have with modern life i.e. interaction, ambition, expectation and working. It seems that phones, media and all the general shit that life casts up is too much, parents and parenting has been poor and corporations and employers have failed to understand. The result is a troubled, confused, joyless and unfulfilled generation. I'm not sure that squares with my view or experience but it was an interesting tirade to watch. Now I'm slightly confused. Have I missed something? Not picked up tell-tale signs? Been a dumb parent? I'm not exactly going to torture myself about this, it's all water under the bridge. Time was that thoughts and views like this could not be shared at all unless in some book nobody would read or from a street corner speaker. The times were not right. The technology not in place. Now we've got it, we're stuck with it and clearly we don't really know how to handle it and of course it (that is the technology) will quite simply destroy us. There, don't expect things to be a whole lot better in 2017 once the January 1st party is over.

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