Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Not everyday I feel superior

So to give this painting it's full title and to prevent you from wondering here we have: "It's not everyday I feel superior, just most days".  This almost original artwork and inspirational piece is now available for exclusive distribution. In pastel and acrylic this contemporary work depicts the internal conflict that often prevails between our own physical and spiritual selves. A key element in gaining understanding of these somewhat elusive truths is shown in the mountain top scene where the subject is wearing a scarf but critically no actual socks. In certain circles this outward gesture (the clear depiction of naked socklessness) is viewed as a telling comment on the inner spiritual vacuum that might prevail during a sustained period of metaphorical mountaintop isolation when the subject is experiencing a "bliss crisis". In all things you must speak with the hidden voice and and listen with the silent ear to view with the crystal eye and so come to your own conclusions.

Please contact us via out usual lofty mountain peak bivouac address for further information on prospective purchases and career advice*.

*Address only known by those within the inner circle of the inner circle.

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