Saturday, February 20, 2021

Screenshot 44

By way of explanation: Just a few lines here about Screenshot 44. That's 44 not 43 or 45. Neither of them compared well with the big 44, so in the final analysis I chose 44 as the one to use. Obviously it's from an old map of South Queensferry when our house's site was but a green field. Possibly full of turnips. I've already forgotten the date of the map but it's around 100 years old or so, I guess.

You made be interested to know that as I don't name my screen shot files they are allocated numbers automatically by my laptop (I take screenshots with my phone but that's different so let's not confuse things). I don't take so many and as the file numbering resets back to 1 after 100 my total screenshots at the moment are about 150ish, but this, for the avoidance of any doubt is No.44 in the folder though it's also the 144th shot. 144 is also 12 x 12 but that's a discussion for another day.

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