Monday, February 08, 2021

There's probably a word for it


I read today that Adam Curtis has a new film out. It's called "Can’t Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World". It's in eight parts and will be on BBC iPlayer and it's estimated that it'll take you at least 100 years* to watch it and possibly longer to understand it. Of course you should be in possession of a full UK TV licence and a full UK TV in order to enjoy the full UK TV viewing experience. A condensed and abridged version may be available on Kindle. Viewers in Scotland will have their own edited program including a sub-titled version and the free use of their own choice of recreational drugs to enhance the overall experience. 

Imagine that, watching a film that was so long you spent your whole life just watching it. Then you died. That's it. A new alternative reality that doesn't belong to you but just passes by your eyeballs as you fail to retain any meaningful information gleaned from the incomprehensible parade. Perhaps that is what the future (that thing that happens some time after today but we're not really sure when) will look like. Eyes propped open, spoon fed snacks, sucking on straws as an alien and reconstructed life passes by with little or no interaction other than perhaps a blink or a pause for the toilet. There's probably a word for it.

*When I say 100 years I really mean I've no clear idea.

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