Thursday, July 26, 2007

Aberdour Festival

impossible songs

If you’re at a loose end on Sunday 29th allsorts of odd events are scheduled to take place at the Aberdour / Arts / Music / Running / Dancing / Beer drinking / Mind reading / Car-booting / Pigeon shooting / Outdoor cooking / Spooking and prevention of looting Festival. It’s not just the mad dogs and fine ladies of Edinburgh’s legendary OOTB, on no.

impossible songs

The musical experiment of the friends the environment who spent and sent their good intent with intentions of irreverence, in the end they made no difference but I must say in their defence, the exit and the extravagance made history and little sense so never mind and never end the end of all our innocence and of course God did give rock and roll to you personally so don’t abuse or waste this gift.

New religions in food

A temple of eggs. One large omelette topped with scrambled eggs. Four (sliced) boiled egg columns are then prepared and then a fried egg roof is placed upon this structure to complete the temple. Why not try one today? Are there any other food temples you could construct? Some ideas are:

A temple of Mars Bars – very solid and possibly angular. No cooking required.
A temple of beer – generally built while still within the holding container to preserve the quality of the product. There is scope to create a huge structure using this medium.
A temple of rocket and spinach – difficult material to work in, not for the beginner.
A temple of strawberries – seasonal and bright. Use cocktail sticks for strength.
A temple of pork chops – using the traditional BBQ preparation this hot temple normal rises from the smoke of a charcoal base, rests on a grill top and sizzles nicely in a finely balanced and blackened pile.

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