Sunday, July 29, 2007

Up the inflatable hammers

impossible songs

impossible songs

Aberdour Festival (the Strat and tambourine get a rare outing).

Things I learned today and at the Aberdour Festival:

Buffalo burgers are very good. Now I understand what Native Americans and the first settlers enjoyed in their diet, unfortunately taking it to extremes. These particular buffalo came from the village of Puddledub in Fife, naturally. Buffalo sausages are also pretty good I believe.

LED Lights on guitar effects pedals are unreadable in bright sunlight. This means you can’t set your tone or drum machine up at all.

When you’re a teenager feedback is fun and the essence of rock and roll, when you get order it’s just a nuisance.

No matter how many leads ad adaptors you have with you, you never have the one you really need.
Inflatable hammers can cause extreme pain when battering your head from a short distance away.

Some Asian dance and music is pretty funky indeed and in Fife a massive crowd pleaser as it turns out.

Not all CD players operate in an intuitive and easy way. Press and guess is not a good way to queue up music for dance groups.

Playing music in a tented village is pretty good fun and when it rains you are in a tent but the audience isn’t.

Portaloos have not improved significantly in thirty years but remain an essential part of outdoor life.

When you turn your well organised flight case up side down and then take it on a car journey it ceases to be well organised when you next open it again.

An acceptable form of Surf and Turf can be lasagne, pizza and salmon and cream cheese bagels. Add some salad and a couple of Magnum lollies and you’ve a fine, all round meal.

Playing guitar in your socks is ok and helps to operate small switches more easily.

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