Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The illusion of deck shoes

impossible songs

impossible songs

The illusion

For some reason I felt today that despite the numerous warnings and statistics that support Global Warming theories (many of which I subscribe to), we have only ever scratched the surface of this world and in a relatively small way. We like to think of our Great Walls, Pyramids and skyscrapers as triumphs and long lasting symbols of our creativity and endeavour but would any survive the onslaught of Japanese Knotweed if left unchecked? Of course the heat build ups and the ice melts and holes in the ozone are worrying and demand action and intervention at some point pretty soon, but I still feel that once we are gone this planet will wipe it’s self clean and continue, regenerated into some other mildly changed form. Man needs to look out for man before anything else; the planet can take care of its own future. We are a tad delusional about our importance and significance on this earth and the impact we’ve made on it. We are dust and not really the crown of God’s or anyone else’s creation but we have no other idea than that on how to regard ourselves. We teem like mice or locusts and consume huge stretches of land and water as the planet sighs and ultimately knows best who will win out.

Critical acclaim.

Shrek 3 is almost funny and almost worth watching. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is long and sodden and formless but with great characters. Part of me enjoys this kind of film; part of me is saddened by the lack of fresh scripts and the stretching out of ideas for the great industrial marketing cycle that must be sustained. This weekend we’ll go and see the latest Harry Potter – I’m hoping for a dark, real and realised movie this time.

Bummer in the summer

Perhaps I’m extra tired this week (I have a decent, chugging head cold, as does Ali) so I can’t get into any kind of summer mood or imaginings as yet. The air is heavy and thundery every day, the clouds roll on to reveal brilliant sunny patches that dwindle into moist cloud and the grass is damp and sprouting. I’m taking a break in August so I hope things level out into an even pattern of weather and that my obsessive watching of the skies can be properly shielded with sunglasses and a blank mind for a few weeks.

Deck Shoes

I’ve washed my deck shoes in the red light, off, on, blinking and temperamental washing machine. What size will they be when they come out?

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