Monday, January 30, 2012

Basic phenomenons of wave physics

Domestic goodness: Stirring green and orange lentils until they swirl, boiling in the pot, gazing into the murky maelstrom as it spins and bubbles adding chopped onions and seasoning. Then come the pre-cut vegetables, whatever is in the bag, homogeneously crisp and anonymous but full of assumed goodness. So the final part of the process, simmer and forget. Consider drinking alcohol, sitting down or cleaning out the cat's litter tray. Perhaps building a fire or just to stare out of the window, flick TV channels and wipe your nose, cut bread with a knife using a sawing motion, post silly pictures on Facebook, fumble over Ebay items, take medicine and plan the next dishwasher campaign. Once these things are done and exhausted the soup will be about ready and you may allow yourself a generous kettleful. You then ask yourself, "will this magical broth from Heaven's deep springs cure my cold and soothe my aches and pains?" No man, no woman and no baby knows.

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