Sunday, January 29, 2012

Straight to vinyl

TV boxes from the back, what are all those extra inputs for?
Thanks to a combination of global warming, food additives, stress related stress and irritable car ventilation syndrome my nose is blocked. This leads to improper (but still effective enough to allow me to function) breathing which sets up a spiral of physiological despair leading to a simple sore throat. Of course I blame the greedy bankers, uncontrolled immigration, shouting sports TV presenters and the great and terrible lizard people who really run the government from converted sewers. They're out to get me and all the other common little people who have dirt under their fingernails and freakishly short inside leg measurements. The only known antidote is the antidote, if only I could find that secret phial. Could it be in Fife Fish Pie, sponge pudding surprise or just be hidden in lashings of warm alcohol?

As I'm at a winter induced low point health wise I sought solace in my old friend and sparring partner;  statistics. The warm glow of looking over added up and processed numbers and pleasantly repeating numerical patterns should do the trick, and it does. I've also broken my duck on using XL for Mac, it almost works and it's leading me straight to vinyl.

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