Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If Tuesday was Monday

A tiny corner of a tiny corner of West Lothian.
Meanwhile as the sun shines limply upon us all and promises with the faint hope of a decent summer yet to come the Tories start to slowly grind the NHS into their idea of a shape. A historic day for all the wrong reasons. Elsewhere David Cameron discusses how to fund road repairs and development via what can only be described as poor man's PFI by using pension plans to put up the money. So it's cash goes in to fill the pot holes but what, in the way of a return actually comes out? I cannot fathom the model or how, without tolls and charges it might work. How can you make money from that? Bamboozling but so is everything today and so is everything the Tories produce. I'm going to stop reading and watching the news, till Wednesday.

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