Friday, March 23, 2012

Not rocket science

Out of use
In use
When I first saw this bike rack and before I ordered it on Amazon I read the customer reviews, I don't usually bother but with non-standard buys it's always worth a quick check. This one had a few four stars and one or two one stars, those are the fellas you read of course. They didn't hold back; "incomprehensible instructions, a box full of pieces, I couldn't work it out at all, poorly packaged and put together, not for the amateur, I put it straight in the bin." Well my experience was pretty much the opposite; easy to build up (two bolts), easy to follow instructions and fairly simple to use (cycle racks are never straightforward but they are not complex engineering problems beyond the capability of the common man). It's all good for boosting the self esteem, like answering more than one question correctly on University Challenge or getting close to a correct answer on QI or Pointless. Now I'm waiting for a sunny day and then going out and finding Scotland's flattest cycleway.

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