Thursday, March 22, 2012

SQ: Great architectural blunders

A stones throw from some lovely 17th Century Scottish organic buildings and round the corner from the historic town centre we have this feckin' disaster. OK we need affordable housing but...
Adding a new depth of meaning to the word ugly, set between two world class  iconic bridge designs is this awful BT exchange, as putrid as a desiccated seagull, unloved even by the owners and badly situated and badly maintained. 
"You have been assessed for street repairs, £20 for every house and £50 for every hotel." In the USA this piece of pavement repair work would already be the subject of a few million dollar lawsuits. Nice  touch with the added Big Mac litter I thought.

Lest we forget, Tesco are here with their stupid talking recycling station and fly-away trolley docks.

Yesterday's thoughts about the missed opportunity on Rosyth's old Dollytown site made  look again at a few of the blunders hiding in plain site in merry olde South Queensferry. Now most of the village is nice, well maintained and fairly sympathetically put together but some howlers have been made (as above). I suppose I cant moan about Dollytown or any of these others really, they were done at a time when there was no proper funky, no real cool and no concept of any design other than modern concrete and cheap and nasty. They probably expected the Cold War to heat up and the Russians to destroy everything anyway so must have thought there was little point in making any effort, but today they live could've been so much better. So what have we learned from the past? Lots but we can't afford to change it and just don't mention the short lived £6m+ Forth Bridge Toll Booth Project.

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