Sunday, March 26, 2017

Purrfect day

We took the one of the cats (Missy to be precise) to the vet today for a routine check, he kindly shaved under her chin and on her tummy where her long winter coat matts and tangles. We do what we can by way of first aid trimming but you can't beat a professional, it was funny to see her quietly accepting the trim whist being held up with her from paws dangling as the electric clipper did it's work. I did ask about my eyebrows but they're not covered by any Pet Plan. Unfortunately as phones are barred in the vet's consultation room I couldn't get a record of it. Here's two banana dolphins that were spotted in the Forth earlier in the week. Some say it's a sign of the end times, some say it's just a little more fake news.

A lady in the surgery was very upset, her old lady cat had a few serious health issues. She'd not been a cat or pet person before but when this cat arrived in her life in 2004 everything changed. Now she's facing the prospect of the cat not making it through treatment or how much actual care is appropriate and affordable for an older cat. Tough call. I saw her leaving the surgery later without the cat and clearly upset. Oh dear. Maybe it was just an overnighter or an X-ray. Pet people can really suffer sometimes.

Is it OK for the lady receptionist at the vets to proudly show off her massive tiger tattoos on her arms? Answers on a postcard please. 

As it turned out the afternoon was warm and calm, so I did a little outdoors painting, nothing artistic, just touching up garden furniture and spray painting a small set of bathroom steps. All done outdoors and surprisingly without any mishaps, spillages or over spray. I then trudged through the woods, hunting and killing the parasitical ivy that is hell bent on strangling our trees; that is snipping it back near the tree roots so it can't climb the trunk and kill the tree by going for the throat. This really happens! 

Then I made chilli, we ate some but there was way too much so the beef mince I removed from the freezer to free up space has been replaced by two cartons of a rice and chilli mix on the same shelf. The freezer just groans now, in some low, mechanical way. Eating chilli and the great outdoors tired me out so I retired upstairs to check the web and do other pointless things. I got stuck in David Hepworth's music blog for a while, 1971 and all that, and then got stuck some more in his Platterday pages. Browsing carelessly I let out a series of internal groans from some far away place in my neurons. Clearly nostalgia is an uncredited killer, like a slow acting drug that creeps up on your lazy systems, it smothers the old, every one of them and they expire, drooling and clicking on the next image. So here's a few faded snaps from those rose tinted and dog eared pages.

And some proof that it was a sunny day, even in our garden...

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