Friday, March 03, 2017

Then the coconut hit the roof

More work in more progress.
IT Matters(?): Well the internet connection here is pretty much goosed, every ten minutes in an hour it makes the hop and crackles back, the rest of the time it sinks into some abyss. Never mind, BT are running tests and after a number of contradictory messages have decided that our fault is not indeed local but covers a wide area so it's a big fault. That bombshell took a week to reveal itself, I wonder if they check calls against postcodes in order to identify fault hot spots that just might be big faults. If they do they are pretty slow in reacting but then they've given themselves until midnight Saturday to sort out everybody in Central Scotland's wifi it seems. Easy KPI to hit I'd say. If it's not sorted by then all we need to do is send a text message, presumably to wake up the night shift in Dublin (on a Saturday night?). In the mean time life goes on.

In the garden a small war broke out over a tasty coconut snack I'd devised for the birds, mostly seeds and fat stuffed into a dead coconut's body. Innocently  I hung it out for some birdie breakfasts and went about my usual business only to be shocked back to life as a flying coconut shell crashed into the glass conservatory roof shattering into many tiny coconut pieces and splattering fatty seeds across the roof. Seems that the crows and magpies had a bit of a dispute going on, coconut ownership I'd say. One stole the coconut and flew away with it only for the string to break and crash, bang, wallop, the meal ended too soon. The wee birds scored however, they tidied up the mess while big boys flew away in a huff. Tough.

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