Wednesday, March 29, 2017


...have a new album out, something about a hippopotamus thereby joining the long line of rock albums named after animals, none of which I can recall right now...err except Animals by Pink Floyd?

Apart from some lengthy conversations most of today (which is by now yesterday) was made up of research into engine warning lights, lambda sensors, the prices of them, refitting them and then resetting the ECU of a car.  All a bit tedious and ultimately leading back to the inevitable practical solution being that maybe my local garage were best placed to carry out a fix. So that was the research done, thankfully (having done research via YouTube) I also now know the correct way to peel a banana and make it taste better, ten dreadful secrets about the Vatican City, ten movie endings that are deliberately confusing, which Australian built SUV I should best avoid, how to correctly apply moisturiser to the skin, what John Lydon said to Piers Morgan recently on some couch, why Richie Blackmore and Ian Gillian split up Deep Purple, why you should never skateboard, ski-do, ski, cycle or generally move on a steep snow covered slope near fir trees and of course the fact that there was a nuclear explosion in what is present day Pakistan some 12000 years ago. Job done.

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