Friday, January 12, 2018

Cats and hot air

The new cat cafe some where in Glasgow has what seems to me to be an odd, possibly disastrous business model. Firstly £5 per person per hour to enter, then you buy your grub and then you spend some time in the company of a variety of cute/moody/sulky/funny Weegie cats. Prior booking may be required. No stiletto heels or heavy boots either (?). The £5 goes towards a cat charity somewhere so I don't grudge it but it does seem like a lot to ask on top of what are regular cafe prices. Not some place you'd just nip into to relax, chat to a cat, swig coffee and then back out into the city to resume work. Shame, good idea but...

Meanwhile the kindly neighbours over at Grangemouth's Ineos plant are fairly lighting up the sky these winter nights with some kind of chemically induced party pyrotechnics.  Sadly most to heat is rising high and far away and failing to descend and break the frosty, foggy grip the weather currently holds over us. I suppose it's a kind of a free fireworks display that's probably stunning some of the local wildfowl, I just hope that it never escalates into anything more.

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