Monday, January 15, 2018

The Spiral

Spiraling up or down? I've always liked the word spiral, it just sounds good and sounds a bit like it's meaning. I loved the old comic called the Spiral Path. Can't remember much about it now though. So, it turns out that the French TV cop show "Spiral" is on it's 6th season. I've completely missed 1 to 5 and accidentally started watching season 6 without realizing there were a further 5 much older ones piled up behind. Maybe that's too much for me but I'm stuck with this one until the end, thank you BBC4 and iPlayer. So, in it's own little vacuum of my general ignorance Spiral Season 6 looks pretty good. Hectic, frenetic, gritty and veering on to almost believable it's a good piece of drama. I also love anything with subtitles, not sure why. They force you to watch the screen and to take the proper meaning from the dialogue and this extra effort for some strange reason actual increases my enjoyment and understanding. 

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