Thursday, January 11, 2018

Lionel Richie's Wardrobe

"Once a King in Narnia, always a King in Sofa King". I didn't say that but I once was a king (small k) in a suburb of Narnia, not the main part but I can assure you that while time moved on there and many things took place, back here only a few seconds, if any passed by. I am of course referring here to the illusion of time passing when editing Word documents. A practice allegedly known as writing, creative writing in fact. The practice of re-reading, checking and then correcting all the creative mistakes made along the way. Reading and re-reading and correcting. Time passes but I'm not quite sure in what direction. The grim winter exterior doesn't always help though there have been no sightings of the Snow Queen or her entourage for a few weeks. Maybe she's holed up in the farm nearby, working her way through the beef freezers and freshly laid eggs.

Muscle memory is hard to exercise. Coupled with Word and in parallel there is the need to improve technique, relearn or just plain learn new guitar fingering and the muscle memory that goes with it. Breakthroughs are also running on Narnian time lines for some reason. Hopefully there will be something soon that I can compress and squeeze and edit into some kind of ambient format.

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  1. Thought I overheard "Lionel Richey's Wardrobe" here in Texas today, and here I am. Congratulations