Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Collages in a musical square format

The troubled times of the late sixties and seventies were mostly spent finding crumbs of comfort and meaning by listening to popular music. This music was written and performed by equally troubled and frequently deranged geniuses and other starstruck individuals. However I wasn't listening to any of that, my tastes were only forming so it was the kind of sophisticated claptrap listed/photographed here that took my youthful fancy and soothed something savage and hungry within me, for a short time anyway. Looking back it's all a bit of a blur and most of the evidence has now either been destroyed or airbrushed from my history but once in a while a piece of the wreckage bubbles up from the bottom. When it does the memories that are keyed in are actually quite pleasant. The other thing is, no matter how many lists you make or bites you take at the cherry, some bits always get missed out.

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