Monday, January 15, 2018

We need to talk about Dolores

Back in the day we were on a family holiday in the US and for some reason stuck in Boston airport. I was wandering around minus the kids who were sprawled out on some lounger supping cola. I'm chewing dollars and browsing for nothing in particular. It was of course the golden days of the cassette, CDs were still science fiction. In an impulsive moment and subconsciously looking for a soundtrack to the holiday I bought the new Ace of Base and Cranberries cassettes. Eventually we got to Florida and the cassettes made themselves at home in the rental car's stereo. I recall that it was a wine coloured Plymouth. The sunny days  and every drive to the malls, beaches or the theme parks were sweated away to that music. Dolores O'Riordan had a fragile, wavering, Celtic, cut-glass voice that soaked into the very basic music the rest of the band were plugging out, it was a successful pairing. The soulful and the naive, the basic and the unintentionally complex coupled with a ton of fragile heart.  You knew by her voice that there was trouble in there, she wasn't going to go quietly whatever the deal, but now she has. RIP.

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