Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Found items

Well I found that old Cranberries cassette but no sign of Ace of Base, presumably one of the many things lost in the fire. Now I just need to find a mechanical device on which to play it. (I did eventually). I'd forgotten how "soft" eject once was some sort of desirable status symbol as well as a convenient euphemism. Kind of melancholy backing music though, even for a snowy January afternoon. Dolores' voice as resonant as ever, swirling along on the ancient and worn out tape. A wee change from the usual ambient YouTube live streams or all out prog podcasts I have been playing. 

Feeds are full of the road problems, driving advice, slippery conditions and the funny names given to the fleet (?) of wobbly Scottish gritters that'll be getting some kind blame for the state of things. Talking to the neighbouring farmer this morning, always good to keep in with a bloke who has access to tractors, he was musing over tales from areas of Canada where there's a foot of snow falling...every day.  Of course we just can't cope with a few inches once in a while. Nice to see that the cows were all in the barn munching on their winter feed and hooting away or more likely mooing. I can't speak much cow. The farm cat was comically perched on top of a gas heater hogging the heat. Sensible cat. 

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