Monday, January 22, 2018

Chorus pedal float

"Hit that long lunar note...and let if float". Don Van Vliet may have said something like this suggesting that musical notes can actually float, here, there and also across vast uncharted parts of the cosmos. Not sure about that but here's a Chorus Pedal making  a floating attempt of some sort whilst holding no notes whatsoever.

Facial Hair: After about a month of not shaving, apart from some slight edge trimming, this beard is becoming both itchy and irritating. It also seems to encourage the growth of nasal hair, as if the hairs were suddenly all seeing and seizing  the opportunity to grow some more because there is now challenge to their progress. They sense that this is their hour in which to bloom so they might socialize with their fellows out there in the daylight regions. Little do they know that I'm on to them.

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