Thursday, September 11, 2008

Glen Lampshade

Tonight I heard a gentleman on the radio describe himself as a "Chippie from Wolverhampton going under the pseudonym of Glen Lampshade". It seems all his pals on the building sites where he's employed adopt odd names for themselves to alleviate the boredom generated by hanging out on such sites, their associated trade activities and the inclement weather that goes with the task. It's good but not great. He was also struggling with the dogs that lived next door and their constant barking, he was on the edge. Every so often I listen to Radio 2 in the evening, so far it's led me to Elbow, the Fleet Foxes, the Felice Brothers, Josh Ritter and Percy Plant, now I've landed up with Glen Lampshade at the dawn of his career. It's not been a bad year really.
Songs about stuff: "Runnin' up that hill" by Kate Bush is about problems achieving a female sexual climax, "Four seasons in one day" by Crowded House is about PMS, "Rattlesnake shake" by Fleetwood Mac is about masturbation - I can't think of anymore.

The pros and cons of ready meals. Pro - they're ready in minutes, cons - they taste crap, pro - they're cheap or on BOGOF, con - they are full of crap, pro - you can fill your fridge with them and not cook for weeks, con - you can fill your fridge with them and not cook for weeks, pro - there are no dirty dishes, con - we have a dishwasher anyway, pro - there is no waste, con - you'll end up with a huge waist. There must be an answer hidden in the fine balances and tuning between convenience, diet and necessity.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Glen Lampshade was a legend last night. Absolutely top stuff - hope he doesn't do anything to those dogs, though! Know what you mean about the music. I've bought so many CDs lately on the back of Radcliffe and Maconie's show - 4 this week so far!

  2. glenn lampshade here.i think the dog heard the show.the howlin has stopped!

  3. Ironically, I was actually driving through Wolverhampton at the time...Ironic as I have absolutely no other affiliation with Wolverhampton and have maybe only been there once before.
    At true talent...should not be missed!
    By the way...I'd just slaughter the dogs...that'll teach'em!

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  5. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Heheh, got to love these here interwebs. Word's spreading around, and I just wanted to point out that an appreciation society has even popped up on Facebook, as per Lucy Porter's request:

    Fingers crossed for more of the Lampshade in future!

  6. Anonymous8:54 PM

    well done !! fame at last

  7. Anonymous8:57 PM

    fair play to you !! nice one Glenn x