Monday, September 29, 2008

Beecraigs, trout and sausage.

Saturday was spent mostly wandering around in circles at Beecraigs Country Park, West Lothian, quite pleasant really. I was offered two large, frozen trout for a mere fiver at the fish farm "to help empty the freezer" as the man said, but I declined the offer. My heart was already set on some kind of wild meat formed into sausages and sold in the nearby farm shop or M&S food from the petrol station. The wild meat was either wild boar, deer or some thing less well specified so I opted for the M&S versions, a pot of cream and a Lottery ticket. The sausages appeared later as part of a hurried breakfast menu for 6 on Sunday morning, I grabbed one between a slice of Hovis and headed out to the football as is customary around here.

As I drove over the bridge to Fife I was haunted by the thought of the trout and the opportunity I had missed to re-fill the freezer. I was also haunted by a large green singing and dancing Frankenstein that we had been given as a Halloween Engagement present. The perfect combination of crazy gifts and events you may think and you'd be right. The reason for this of course is that Ali and I are now planning to marry (later in the ?) and it's almost October 31, in 31 days or so. My daughter had the idea and the £10 necessary to carry it out, all to celebrate the up and coming happy event.

When it happens it'll be a small and intimate family affair.Using some wax crayons I quickly sketched a likely layout design for first stage of the reception, as below.

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  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Surely it has to be coined the impossible wedding...and your guests can suggest likely impossible venues or happenings, via interactive multimedia blogsite to aid planning? Ha, wonderful, lovely, congratulations (know I've sent them by text but its not the same really is it?) Can't wait.
    Future sister in law (most jnr & furthest away) X