Friday, September 19, 2008

Lack of ideas

The notion that there is lack of good ideas around just now is neither true or false or some kind of mental corruption from which we (or maybe only me) are all suffering. Things seem to have stopped or have run out or are in a cycle of repetition that confuses unfamiliarity with innovation. We are failing to recognise the repetition, we see it as originality and are duped and believe what we think we see to be progress. To do this is to avoid or at worse deny the obvious cycles that are continually running around us in the world and often in our own lives. This revolving door universe is not necessarily a bad thing, it is where we are, in a place, in space where things just "come around". Accept it and get over it and ride the universal curve.

Radio is a good medium.
The Scots are confused about a number of issues.
Blue or green milk - which is best?
Who listens to jazz for long periods and do they really listen or is it wallpaper?
Economics can be studied but can't be understood.
Spell checkers save careers.
The west is in fact the best.
A garden can be restful and stressful.
Irritations to the surface of the skin are just that.
I'm confused about the purpose of most insects.

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