Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bad Robot

As mentioned previously we received this fellow as an addition to our many pets, strays, creepy crawly and wild animal collection. He needs little if any food and is a but seasonally challenged. He is of course a robot but with human feelings and needs, all thanks to some clever nano technology and the out workings of the principals of necromancy, something of a lost art in modern day Scotland but we try. Keeping dead things alive is tricky, that last minute cough is not easy to deal with and the electric start treatment always makes me uncomfortable. Just looking again at young Frankie Boy there is a certain family resemblance.

Last night we went to see an adaption of Sunset Song at the Kings Theatre. It was well staged on hard wooden set that dipped and dripped like a Salvador Dali canvas with nicely distorted perspectives that captured the hardness of the Scottish heart and added to the tragic allegory of the tale. I don't get out much and I seldom experience live theatre so this was a nice wee treat and a reminder that simple things can work well in the right context and with the right story.

Clint the lazy cat at full stretch and fast asleep.

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