Monday, October 06, 2008

The Existentialist Factor

A weekend in which the vital ring was sorted, shepherd's pie reinvented, accounts settled, grass cut and various interesting or vacuous TV shows watched and digested has passed. All in all it was very satisfying and I feel a better person as a result. Today I am at home, alone and about to embark on various house and home related duties whilst the cats watch, puzzled and tolerant as ever. After a quick school run and a mid morning cup of tea with Mr Gorman of SQAF fame I'm awaiting the weather breaking and my energy running out as per usual.

The weekend football yielded some positive results, the Pars getting three points at Clyde, Joe's team getting a decent 3 - 3 draw at Glenrothes (he scored 2 of the goals) and the Buddies beating the Huns after a lifetime spent trying. Never give up and expect the unexpected.
A strange picture here, where Little Red Riding Hood (wearing fur) pets the (big, bad) wolf as it steals her scattered picnic and the contents of her handbag, make of it what you will, there are many roads and vehicles to carry you towards the great light of understanding and awakenings. Sadly this is not one of them.

Most blogging is just a repeat of the same things over and over again anyway, common themes, rants, events and the daily drudge regurgitated. Pictures are added in, often they are irrelevant to the text, they are simply there to bridge a gap or add a feel or pad out the thin text. This one is no more unique or better value than the next, just a cry in the darkness and a wolf with it's snout stuck indifferently in a scented handbag, all because it knows no better.

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  1. HUGE Congratulations John and Ali on your upcoming nuptuals (ooh-er missus)...

    Anne and I (and Meg the Black Cat) wish you every happiness in the years to come - in fact as much again as you've had since you first "got together"...

    Lots of Love from Crispycat Towers!!