Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti, the helicopter and a chocolate war

Whatever you think of the USA, their military power is often a lifesaver as they dwarf the rescue efforts of all other countries. I'm sure the people of Haiti wont be complaining about them...yet.

I don't know why but the takeover of Cadbury by Kraft makes me uneasy. Would the French or Germans allow such a thing? Of course we live in free market economy where dogs will eat dogs and the shareholders are getting a good price, so the pension plan owners and deep investors will be satisfied. I just hope that the almost perfect Dairy Milk chocolate recipe doesn't get altered, at all, ever and that the Brummie's jobs don't go East.


  1. EEe I remember when Rowntree Mac went from York. It were a sad day and no mistake. Something is definitely lost when the big guys take over.

  2. Dogs might eat dogs but I'd never eat that Cadburys sugary rubbish. I wish a Belgian company had taken it over.

  3. Hmmm, since Rowntree Mac went, what have we seen? The Chunky Kit Kat?

    Sugary rubbish? That sounds ok to any self respecting elf I'm sure, what's your favourite colour?