Friday, April 06, 2012

Best Marigold Odeon

Today is a day off day, yesterday was a half day off day. We celebrated yesterday with the black pudding affair and various pieces of Fife based explorations - the ideas just don't stop. The recurring theme however was one of dreams, planning and living out the rest of (your) life as positively as possible. The long day ended with us making a rare visit to the cinema for a late night showing of the Best Marigold Hotel. With a cast of luvvies all acting like real people acting like actors it was an amusing diversion, it also confirmed a long held belief that despite the colour, noise and spectacle a visit to India isn't really necessary at the moment. The best bit was sitting there amongst the actual (smallish) cinema audience, not soul under 50, all looking a bit like the one or other of the characters in the film and crammed in a line in the non-Premier seating area, oldies always want to get good value for their cash. As the show ended and we all crippled and shuffled out, blinking into the midnight street lights it was like the film had, for a brief moment come to life. We giggled all the way back to the err...Volvo.

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