Sunday, April 01, 2012

Return of the floating head

Nightcap - large White Russian.
New stadium at Stratford, a fun and strangely emotional experience as well as a family triumph, Emma passing Sally Gunnel and numerous other famous athletes as the race progressed.
The London Eye, scene of my most recent "floating head" encounter.
Just back from a full on weekend in the UK's alternative capital city. We camped out in the City with a capital C and a tough financial heart, drank fine wine and cocktails, marveled at the heavy weight stones and carvings, were squashed in packed tube stations, wandered in never ending malls and attended the opening and first ever event at the new Olympic Stadium. In contrast to what you often hear taxi drivers were friendly, waiting staff chatty, some prices were almost sensible and the weather was pretty chilly. London's OK. It is a real place after all.

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