Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things - part 99

TV: Jules Holland is probably a really nice guy and a great musician but his TV show is as dull as ditch water and Paul Weller or somebody like him is on it every week. I like the fact that if appears to be live (is it?) but as a way to enjoy music it seldom works for me. Back to Radio 6 or Game of Thrones or Modern Family I think.

Awards and Award Shows: Who gives a stuff really?

Cookery: I made a fish pie today that was tasty but as heavy as lead, I now realise that it's possible to put too much fish in a fish pie, something I'd not have considered possible, but it is. Next thing I'm trying will be to put too much chicken in a chicken pie.

Pics & Words: Here's a handy link to a book that Fraser Drummond has just created - fine photos and lyrics, the Sound of Confushion.


  1. I have that dweeezil zappa cd - it's rather good...

  2. Glad you like it, it did make me wonder what % of the world's proper music CDs, i.e. those produced not any CD, you actually own. I'm guessing you have a healthy 1%. What's your estimate?

  3. A lot less than that - I have almost 7,000 CDs - in the big scheme of things, not that many - in the small scheme of things, far too many to ever be able to listen to properly in the time that is left to me. But it's a library of course...