Monday, April 09, 2012


It tuns out that recipes can be searched for on the Internet, there may well be other things there. It might never rain again now that I've painted the garden furniture. I was so impressed with the possibilities suggested by the Alabama Shakes that I immediately looked them up on Wikipedia, then I promptly dismissed them as yet another hype. Sweet and sour and chicken and mushrooms and pepper and onions and rice contains at least seven ands. First I was on the couch then the floor then the couch then the kitchen then upstairs then downstairs then I went to work. Listening to music the radio is an ok experience but you will hear a lot of rubbish before you hit some thing good. I thought about Humphrey Bogart films but I could only think of about four or so, so I stopped. There will be birthdays and parties and at times those two things come together and you get party birthdays. Today's newspaper was something of a disappointment, it also cost £1. I was kept busy trying to use my imagination, can you imagine that? Somebody sang that love is a “velvet noose”, they turned those words into a song, added a tune, wrote more lyrics, added instruments and recorded it, “fantastic” according to an expert but I wont ever bother buying it. I was just wondering what the hell is going on in Scotland and who could sort it all out. The word pretentious gets used from time to time, I hear it. The pursuit of perpetual motion systems remains popular, as Tesla said, “one day man will connect his apparatus to the very wheel work of the universe...and the very forces that motivate the planets in their orbits and cause them to rotate will rotate his own machinery.” The chords that you mix up are the ones that give you the best results i.e. Gm7, Cm7, Dm7, Edmaj7, F, G. Very satisfying.

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