Thursday, April 12, 2012

Clear and present danger

Numerous black cats - looking North.

Numerous black cats - looking South.

This is a pretty good site if you like old photos, almost makes you wish you'd been born in the fifties even if, like me you were born in the fifties. Perhaps that means it makes you wish you were adult in the fifties which maybe isn't so good because that would make you about seventy now. No, best not to think about that. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Doctor Laptop,

For over a year now my old HP laptop has been giving me dire warnings of critical hard disk failure every time I switch it on. I both acknowledge and ignore this worrying message by pressing the F1 key and thereby allow it to fully start up. Apart from occasional little "capacity" messages (way down there on the right) and a stubborn refusal by Norton's products to clear up the hard disk not much actually ever happens - certainly nothing bad. I have tried various back ups, re-squidding, post hoot vamp, fox busting, melanomic castrations and demi-hazardisation (all fresh out of the box) but none of these things make any difference or solve my problem. In desperation I switched it on and off repeatedly for an hour but I got pretty bored with that. So my question is how long can this go on for without there being any damage done to my precious data and is this all just a cunning plot by the dastardly world of the technocrats to get poor people to buy more of these Chinese built laptops?


A well wisher

P.S. Heaven forbid but I may well just carry on regardless and also ignore the upgrades.

P.P.S. I am also an occasional Mac and cheese user, which local bank and political party should I support?

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