Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Idle musings

I feel quite strongly about some things but less so about others.

Some days I just can't be bothered.

I follow enticing stories in the media that I hope will lead somewhere and do some good, mostly they don't.

There seems to be no way to break the stranglehold that the established media hold on "facts".

With every news story I read I think, who is behind this?

I cannot understand the mindset of so-called ordinary people / voters. Why would anybody outside of a privileged background support the Conservatives?

There is no logic in the lines taken and then followed by people.

We seem to have managed to create a chaotic system than no single person or group is able to undo.

I'm afraid of revolution but I'm also afraid that there will not be a revolution.

Most days at some point I think, "people need to shut the fuck up."

Most days at some point I think, "people need to calm the fuck down."

Most days, most of the time I think, "yeah, I'll get around to that one next."

Is there any quick way of generating more Twitter followers without paying and playing the game?

I've got 99 problems, that's about it.

I tend to clean out bottles and containers before recycling them but it seems to me not many others do this.

Once you reach a certain age everything revolves around how well your metabolic rate is going.

Is it possible to make a decent meal from the items found in the end of aisle displays in a supermarket?

Where do birds sleep?

How can you easily break the cycle of wearing the same five T shirts that are on top of the pile?

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