Friday, May 12, 2017

Losing my incontinence

I always wondered what it must be like to lose your memory or have a stroke or be injured and suffer a loss of mobility and then have to relearn habits, skills and whole chunks of life once again. My recent illness has of course been mild in comparison to anything as life changing but I've had to relearn a few basics. Mostly toilet related. Now I'm post-op things are thankfully working again and fear, pain and the embarrassment of imperfect and malfunctioning plumbing is diminishing. It's nothing I can take credit for, just the right surgery and the body, set straight again now realigns itself with functions that were previously running smoothly. Though for some reason it's easier now to pee when standing on tiptoes. Has this always been the case and I just didn't know about it?

The things is I've never really understood or accepted that things might break down. Ok there's wear and tear and possible abuse but why should perfectly good well designed components just fail? In cars or appliances it's all about heat and friction and the build up of contaminants. In humans, designed I assume by god/aliens/evolution/imagination that shouldn't happen. We should just remain unbreakable until we're seventy or thereabouts. Then some latent chronic laziness, fatigue and unfair wear and tear time bomb comes into play and we'll just die. Following this and after the necessary purgatory period our spirits soar to the moon for refurbishment or perhaps we are reborn as noisy wild birds hovering above graveyards or pecking at telegraph poles. Then again it may just be the black worm hole of eternal loss and spiritual incontinence.

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