Friday, May 26, 2017

When the blue skies come

Things are fashionably flat at the Inverkeithing Park and Ride bus stop, but if you stretch you can still see a few taller things in the distance.

When the blue skies come we kind of don't know what to do with ourselves. Maybe a spot of DIY on the house exterior, maybe some loafing, maybe some routine gardening or perhaps even trying to ignore the weather altogether. It's tough. I finally settled for all of the above in sporadic bursts. It could be the story of my life, not too long in the one creative space (as I'd get kicked out). A bit of this and that, two steps forward, a few sideways maybe, one or two backwards then a ritual falling over ceremony. 

I also stumbled upon the Flat Earth people, they exist out there in YouTube land. They see everything in astronomy and wider science as being part of a complex conspiracy perpetuated mostly by the Masons and loads of other unspecified organizations to maintain the lie that the earth is round. It's actually quite hard work to keep up this belief and I do admire their fortitude in this but not their obvious blindness and prejudice. Seems we're all on a rather large saucer surrounded by ice walls 150 feet tall that act as our boundary. That's Antarctica in fact, not sure how the Arctic fits in here or why nobody has flown over the entire area yet. Global warming doesn't figure either but when it does it'll play havoc with that ice wall and we're all be over the edge. Splash. That's the end. Anyway it's any help at all I'd like to offer some photographic evidence to show that things are pretty flat around here also but funnily I can't quite see the Alps or the top of the Eiffel Tower just yet. Some kind of optical problem. Oh and on a sunny day remember, the sun isn't so big (about the size of the moon) and isn't so far away and just kind of goes around us using some weird motion.

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