Friday, May 19, 2017

Same sky different field

Feeling pretty privileged to live out in the sticks where the green and pleasant land meets the grey and choppy water. The only actual cloud on the horizon these days is the problem of wind blown ash from the artificial lagoons a few miles from us that's by Culross,  Valleyfield and Newmills. Fortunately we're  far enough away from it for this to be a major problem but it's not that way for folks close by. These remnants from the days of coal and the nearby coal burning power station are unstable and are, from time to time cover the nearby villages in a fine and unpleasant dust. Word is that it contains arsenic and various other nasties. SEPA have added to the drama by applying some kind of prohibition notice to the folks at Scottish Power (as was) who are responsible. Of course the current dry spell isn't helping and though the dust is being damped down it still prevails. Bit of a situation and unpleasant bun fight really. Local Facebook action group is via this link.

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