Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sleeping tomatoes

I've revised my plans for this week and decided to focus on two strands of action; recovery and re- hydration. I haven't really taken either seriously or as seriously as I should and so, rather than relapse into some sort of slough of long term fragility I'm biting the bullet that has "take it easy and drink to purge your system" written on it. That could be quite a big bullet and also a fairly useless metaphor. So the pattern for the next few days looks like, drinking, diet change, slightly less activity (but enough to keep fit) and no significant travel. I can do this. So I'm simply tending the vast tomato jungle, listening to back to back podcasts, learning about the Illuminati, taking baths, eating slightly bizarre foods, gluing shoes, fiddling with guitars and stupid stuff.

I'm also keeping up with the news, feeling that awkward, angry and useless way we all feel after a terrorist attack. Politicians will all say the appropriate things and respectfully suspend their business as the investigations and recovery goes on. There's a lot more people hurting today than yesterday and there's a lot of people still hurting in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and god knows where else. It's a messed up place we live in.

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