Saturday, May 20, 2017

Stupid is as stupid does

An almost classical piece of composition used here in this photo of Craig Whyte and various Glasgow Rangers cohorts, as if they were posing for Leonardo. Whyte's on trial for fraud and has played no small part in Ranger's collapse and Scottish Football's wider humiliation. What I find incredible as this long running car crash plays out is the attitude of all the main players and the complete disregard they have for their loyal fans and the footballing community at large. The Rangers fans have been treated like shit here, OK I'm certainly not one but for many the "club" is everything (forget political and religious matters here) and they've seen it torn down by greedy, irresponsible and cold hearted scoundrels and even still as the 2017 League closes their team is in a financial black hole. Meanwhile the mud sticks on all Scottish football, fans of other clubs are angry at the ongoing Ranger's "entitlement" charade we see played out regularly and the media's fixation with any Old Firm story that'll hold water for a few minutes is all consuming to the detriment of the rest of the game.

In all of this sorry saga, no one, from David Murray onwards has ever offered any kind of apology or come close to saying sorry to the fans or the wider world of football. Nobody ever does anything wrong these days but the fans who are paying fans, who keep pouring cash into the club, not animals or cattle or sub humans are virtually ignored at every turn. Perhaps they are all just really stupid, but I don't like to think that way, they can't all be. They are clearly in love with a club and a footballing ideal (I'm certainly not!) and that makes them willing to take punch after punch on the chin from a series of shady businessmen and still come back for more. Daft, shocking and sad all at the same time. Then again people will still vote Tory time after time. The thing is people aren't stupid, it's just that those in power treat them that way and so they become accustomed to it and act accordingly.

Ahem! Moving on here's a recent picture of Jupiter that looks a bit like somebody's digestive system or the detail from an old oil painting.

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