Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On the beach

I was listening to Kezia Dugdale on a Radio Scotland phone in. I tuned out after about twenty minutes.  Truth is that she wasn't doing badly, she's a trier and of course most of the questions she's getting are a bit dumb or way too specific, I just feel a bit sorry for her. Most of Scotland would support Labour if it could get it's act together, lose the toxic in-fighting, take a realistic view on Independence,  develop a credible group of professional politicians and grow up enough to consider the prospect of collaborative rather than confrontational politics. 

The current shark infested environment will never deliver a credible political solution (from Labour), they cannot win as they are and poor Kezia struggles on in a thunderstorm of conflicted messages. So more of the same old, same old come June 8th..."but I'm just sittin' here, on the beach, and those seagulls are way out of reach, I need a crowd of people but I can't face them everyday."

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