Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Six months late

Fashionably late in watching the movie Passengers, pretty much normal for me. It's quite a tense and thought provoking film albeit there are massive plot holes and even bigger questions raised by the tense and at times creaking storyline. A good film to watch if you fancy a long pub argument about Stockholm Syndrome, sexism or social responsibility and of course your own possible choices if you wake up in space inside a dodgy space craft. Husbands and wives can debate long and hard which way they'd go, would you wake your partner up? Could happen to anyone I suppose and it draws easy parallels between the Titanic, the Pilgrim Fathers or about any sizable piece of human colonization ever carried out. Travelling isn't much fun really. 

Suggested slavery and people trafficking are  in there as well and of course the moral maze of sending paying passengers into space in a craft that may not quite be fit for purpose to a planet thats a hundred years into the future and needs a bit of fixing. They should really have left all that in the public sector but as usual once things get contracted out corners get cut and expectations fail to be met. Then systems may well break down. What kind of disreputable people would ever sign up for such a deal anyway? Earth must be pretty bad by this point...in fact it's cold as hell and no place to raise your kids, as a wise man once said.

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