Thursday, May 25, 2017

Psychic Spies

Good Catholic girls, ready to repent and begin again. I see in their eyes the all too familiar  love and the light of the Holy Spirit. New lives beckon, they're born again now you know. As for the Pope, he's already been sidelined as irrelevant. Trump thinks he's a loser.

OK, the numbers are in, the envelopes have been opened, the judges have pontificated and decided and it's a yes! The powers that be, the FBI, MI5, CIA, Illuminati, Ineos, Google, Special Branch and the various other agencies that might be concerned simply aren't. Nobody cares and nobody is hoovering up things from this site other than the occasion spammer from the Indian sub-continent or those psychic spies from China. I'm also not eating citrus fruit or drinking citrus drinks. Not sure how to square this with marmalade on toast though.

Sometimes I feel like I'm being pulled in different directions, mainly by myself.

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